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So you’ve finished your Teacher Training Programme. Now what?

You loved your teacher training, you left feeling inspired and excited but now the dust has settled you’re not sure how to actually start a business.  

For the last four years I have run YOGASTRONG, teaching group classes, in studios, private 121’s and corporate clients. I absolutely love what I do, but in the early days I found myself lost with admin, class planning and marketing.

I’ve now got a model that works! It’s simple, cost effective and means I have more time on my mat with my clients and less time at my desk. I’ve decided to put this all together and launch my TEACHSTRONG coaching programme where I will share with you all the things you need to know to run your own successful yoga business. TEACHSTRONG is a 6-month programme to develop both your confidence on the mat and your administration and marketing knowledge to grow your business. 

Some of the common issues I faced when starting a business were:

How do I get classes up and running?
How do I set up a website?
How do booking systems work?
How do I take payments from people?
What legal issues do I need to consider?
What equipment do I need for online classes? 
How do I plan all my classes and put movement sequences together?
How do I modify classes for larger groups with mixed abilities?
How do I market myself?” 
And So. Many. More. Questions! I know. I’ve been there.


TEACHSTRONG is a 6 month course where we meet once a month for 90 minutes . During this time you will:

  • Learn how to skilfully build classes that have both a physical and a spiritual or emotional intention

  • Learn my efficient sequencing model     

  • Learn the best way to market your classes through email, social media and more.

  • Learn how to teach online effectively including what equipment you’ll need and how to work it all!

  • Learn how to set up your own website to take bookings and payments 

  • Develop your language skills as a teacher

  • Develop a greater sense of your own authentic offering as a yoga teacher

  • Refine your teaching skills and develop your intuition

  • Get class feedback on a class you teach

  • Assist me in teaching a class

  • Have access to attending one class a week with me for the whole six months.

  • Feel empowered as a yoga business owner!


Cost: £395.00

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