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Combining ancient pranayama with modern day science and breathwork, BreatheStrong is a four week programme designed to help you manage your nervous system through your breath. 

You can go for weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without breathing. Breathing has such an immediate impact on your mind and body that even the act of inhaling vs. exhaling affects your nervous system differently. It’s common to train in diet, exercise and even hydration, but almost no one trains their breath. 

This programme is about manging your nervous system in a super practical way. When we control the breath, we control the nervous system which equals greater wellbeing.
Most of us are currently over breathing and breathing incorrectly. Through this programme we will use different categories of breathing practices to manage the nervous system and put you in a place of control rather than reaction. We will be looking at the rate and ratio of breath to bring about different affects during the day.

Yoga Breathing Benefits
Relieve stress & anxiety • Improve sleep • Improve digestion • Balance energy • Improve mental focus • Safe, natural self-care tool
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