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Employee wellbeing has never been more important than it is now. Looking after your employees mental and physical health is vital. Mental ill-health is now the leading cause of absenteeism and with the recent pandemic exasperating the issue for many, now is the perfect time to bring in some corporate wellbeing benefits to support and improve the health and wellness of your team. 
I offer a number of services ranging from yoga classes, meditation, yoga nidra (yoga sleep)  and breathwork sessions all tailored to the individual needs of your company and employees. Not only do these sessions bring people together in a team building sense, but they are all proven to increase our resilience when it comes to stress. 
On a physical level, a weekly yoga session is the ideal antidote to hours spent sitting at your desk. These classes will stretch out tired and right muscles, articulate the joints and evoke feelings of calm and connection. 
Breathwork, Yoga Nidra and Meditation are other services you could take advantage of to help increase productivity and improve the wellbeing of the whole team. 
 Call me to discuss how I can help you bring WORKSTRONG into your workplace. 
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