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Wellbeing of body and mind, on and off the mat. Choose from one of Lucy’s weekly yoga classes here, something to suit everyone from gentle Restore & Balance on a Tuesday to a more dynamic vinyasa flow on a Saturday morning. These classes combine breathwork, meditation and movement to help you live with intention and a strong sense of self. 



When you own your breath, nobody can steel your peace. Click here to find out about the 4 week BreatheStrong programme. Learn how to balance your nervous system, boost your digestion, manage stress and improve your sleep. 



Gravity Yoga is a unique system of targeted

flexibility and mobility training, combined with breathwork to help unlock and open up stiff bodies. The perfect supplement to any yoga practice or other form of exercise. This deep stretching class is suitable for everyone, particularly if you suffer from tight hips and hamstrings and a stiff back and shoulders. 


Lucy went to her first yoga class more than 15 years ago and immediately loved the physical asana practice, however it wasn’t until more recently, after the birth of her second child, that she started to cultivate a daily practice at home.  It was at this time she began to discover the joy of combining movement and breath and the immensely positive impact this had on her body and her mind. 


She discovered that along with attending her regular classes, she could simply roll out her mat at home and move and breathe and find space.  It was this fluidity of movement, beauty of breathing and meditative qualities that captured her heart and the philosophy underpinning it all gave her a different view of life.  This had a profoundly positive effect on her overall wellbeing and it was then that Lucy started to intensify her practice and began to dive much deeper into this rich lineage of yoga. 


In 2018 she took the step of beginning her 200hr teacher training under the guidance of Paula Ahlberg at the Wellbeing Warehouse in Newmarket, completing the programme in early 2019. Her qualification is internationally recognised and Lucy is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance International.

Lucy has been influenced by many wonderful teachers and her style of yoga takes elements of the practices she loves including Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow yoga/Hot Power Yoga. With a background in ballet and contemporary dance, Lucy teaches in a creative, fluid and fun way. Lucy brings elements of yogic philosophy into each of the classes that she teaches meaning her classes are taught at a deeper level with the aim of helping her students find a true connection to themselves.   Lucy strives to help her students bring the principles of yoga into everyday life, with the aim of helping them to truly grow and flourish and find joy in the present.